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Alhaitham Jassar

“It’s easy to make a painting look like paint, but it’s much harder to make a painting that pulls in a viewer so completely that he feels the heat of sun on his neck and the sand in his shoes.” James Gurney.

I'm a self taught illustrator and fine artist (although, some may argue that there's no real difference between the two), and so learning new tricks and techniques to improve my artistic skills is a never-ending affair which, to me at least, makes every art project a challenge. However, my work is conformed to certain styles depending on what medium I'm working with. For example, when creating oil paintings, I tend to focus on landscapes, specifically Mediterranean scenery, while my digital work is geared towards the fantasy and cartoon genres.

*Many cups of coffee have perished...

Below you can find some of my achievements, but for more updated work, news and announcements please feel free to check my Instagram or Facebook pages.

If you'd like to purchase an original artwork or to hire me for a freelance job, please email me at ha_umj(at), or simply send me a Facebook private message or Instagram DM and I will respond to you as soon as I can.



- Focus on Nature XIV
December 3, 2016 through April 9
the New York State Museum and the Roger Tory Peterson Institute


Publications featuring my work

Frankie Fiddlesticks

Frankie Fiddlesticks, Where's the Hamster?

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Expose 11
Art of Blender
3DCreative, August 2008 issue
3DCreative, November 2007 issue
3DCreative, August 2007 issue


cgsociety award Editor's Choice Award
cgarena_excellence_award3 Excellence Award
maxforum-medal Golden Award